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In this 60-min webinar, Allison Tenney and Dr. Ellie Somers, walk you through the art and care of programming for your clients. You’ll learn how to uplift your clients in a transformative process through the practice of simplified resistance training and program progressions, as well as through human connection and community.

We review Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for the athlete, essentials of progressive overload and program design. You’ll learn to appreciate the unique, individualistic pieces of program design and implementation and learn to roll with the ups and downs for both you and your client.

This webinar is a great option for physical therapists interested in program design, personal trainers, athletic trainers, strength coaches or other practitioners involved in program design and implementation for people who enjoy resistance training.

28 MIN




You'll Discover
  • How to identify athlete needs
  • How to design a resistance training program
  • How to implement progressive overload
  • How to connect and communicate in a way that fosters client growth, self-acceptance and joy in the process
Our Experts
Dr. Ellie Somers


Dr. Ellie is Sisu’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lead Sisu Physical Therapist, Run Coach and Weightlifting Coach. She graduated as a physical therapist in 2009 and the rest is HERstory. Dr. Ellie hopes to create a world where womxn and girls have access to the resources they need to recover from injury and get back to performance. Dr. Ellie was hired as the team physical therapist for the women’s United States Australian Rules Football Team and works as a consultant for many professional and recreational athletes in their injury and recovery journeys back to performance.

Allison Tenney


Allison is the owner of Allison Tenney Fitness, LLC. Through strength training and fitness, Allison helps women build next-level strength, confidence, and the courage to seize their personal power. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA-CSCS) and holds several other fitness credentials including.