Return to Run Program

This free download is a great option for those just getting started with running, those looking for guidance on a return to run after injury from a licensed physical therapist, or anyone who has had time away from running and looking to kickstart your return to the sport with confidence. If you are hoping for a safe return to running plan, this is a great starting point.

Included in this free ebook is a simple return to run program and a pain guide to keep you self-honest with your symptoms and your return to run progression.



You'll Discover
  • A pain guide to help you understand any aches or pains
  • A run-walk program designed to build habits, improve consistency and gradually re-integrate you back into running
Our Experts
Dr. Ellie Somers


Dr. Ellie is Sisu’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lead Sisu Physical Therapist, Run Coach and Weightlifting Coach. She graduated as a physical therapist in 2009 and the rest is HERstory. Dr. Ellie hopes to create a world where womxn and girls have access to the resources they need to recover from injury and get back to performance. Dr. Ellie was hired as the team physical therapist for the women’s United States Australian Rules Football Team and works as a consultant for many professional and recreational athletes in their injury and recovery journeys back to performance.