Two Women Running Their Mouths
Two Women Running Their Mouths
Understanding Hip Pain: Some thoughts on personal experiences with hip pain

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Mundt (Physical Therapist, Run Coach) and Dr. Ellie Somers (Physical Therapist, Run Coach), discuss deciphering and working to understand hip pain without missing any “zebra’s.” Hip pain for runners is complex and can be challenging to work through. Dr. Steph draws from her personal experience struggling with a recent bone stress injury and Dr. Ellie Somers, draws from her experience working with generalized hip pain and discomfort as a runner and athlete.

In this episode, we talk through why paying attention to hip pain matters and what hip pain might mean for you as a runner. We talk with Steph about some of her struggles and challenges she has faced recovering from femoral neck stress fracture AND hip labral tear, and how she has worked through those things both as a runner and a clinician and coach.

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