Two Women Running Their Mouths
Two Women Running Their Mouths
Season 2 Episode 1: Body Image

In this episode of season 2, Dr. Stephanie Mundt and Dr. Ellie Somers discuss their personal experiences and issues with body image. Have a listen and be reminded you aren’t alone if you struggle with body image and that your body is beautiful, exactly as it is.


Mentioned in the show:

email: (Steph), (Ellie)

websites: (Steph) , (Ellie)


Body positive/intuitive eating resources:

Heidi Strickler (Dietician in Seattle, works remotely)

Opal Food & Body (Eating disorder clinic with multiple providers in Seattle)

Natalie Joffe (Nutritionist in Seattle, works remotely)

Rebecca McConville (Dietician in Kansas, works remotely)

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