Two Women Running Their Mouths
Two Women Running Their Mouths
Can we just not with the demonization of pain and injury? A rant on the medicalization of runners

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Mundt and Dr. Ellie Somers moan and groan about the demonization of common (and often treatable with physical therapy) medical pathology in runners. This demonization and fear-based approach often sending runners down a path of further invasive treatments and medicalization while simultaneously pulling them from their sport.

We discuss some of the issues we see in people we work with, and offer up no solutions really, except to say that we think runners are amazing. Generally, this podcast is a long soap box for both of us and we hope you’ll hop on the ride and give it a listen.

If you want to understand why we get so frustrated with how runners are managed in healthcare, this is a decent listen. If you’re looking for validation of your ridiculous healthcare experience, this is a decent listen.

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