Dr. Ellie Somers


My journey began as a passionate high school soccer player, until an unfortunate ACL tear opened my eyes to the transformative power of performance-based rehabilitation and injury risk reduction for young female athletes.

During my enforced downtime from soccer, I discovered the immense value of building resilience through early-age resistance training. This revelation shaped my career, which revolves around my personal experience in rehabilitation and centers on a collaborative and team-oriented approach to the return-to-play process. It troubles me that women athletes are often marginalized in return-to-play decisions, and I am determined to change this narrative.

As a physical therapist, it is now my mission to empower athletes in achieving their goals and staying actively engaged in sports through autonomous and collaborative decision-making.

I obtained my comprehensive education at Saint Louis University, where I played Division I soccer and earned my Bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science, as well as my Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Physical Therapy. Since 2009, I have been practicing as a physical therapist, working extensively with professional, recreational, and youth athletes, ensuring their well-being and supporting them on their journey towards reaching their full potential.

I am proud to have served as the former Director of Sports Medicine and Team Physical Therapist for the NWSL Team, OL Reign, and as the former Team Physical Therapist for the United States Women’s National Australian Rules Football team. These invaluable experiences have sharpened my expertise in closely collaborating with athletes of all levels, keeping them healthy, and assisting them in pursuing their aspirations.

Professional Experience

  • Degrees: Bachelors in Science in Exercise Science, Masters of Physical Therapy, Doctorate of Physical Therapy
  • Former Director of Sports Medicine/Team Physical Therapist for the NWSL Team, OL Reign
  • Team Physical Therapist for the Women’s United States Australian Rules Football Team: The Freedom
  • Former Division I soccer player for Saint Louis University
  • Experience working with professional athletes
  • Run Coach
  • Weightlifting Coach
  • Licensed Physical Therapist in Washington State
  • Clinical Research Physical Therapist for a study on concussion with Seattle Children’s Research Institute

Personal Experience

I’m a driven wolf who has found herself consistently conflicted with the patriarchal notion that there’s “no such thing as balance” and that you have to run yourself into the ground to “get ahead.” I love my work and am lucky enough (privileged enough) to be in a position to help people and hope that the privilege I have can be used to elevate women like no one else does in my industries. When I’m trying to shut down my proverbial “go” button, I’m running, playing soccer (before covid anyway), lifting weights, hanging with my bois (the dogs and my incredible partner Elliot), or just watching some mindless television. I’m particularly fond of Schitt$ Creek, Parks and Rec, Insecure, and Grey’s Anatomy (omg, I’m cringing writing that out, but I can’t help it, it’s nostalgic for my college years).